When we met for the first time to discuss the event, we thought our DJ, Jean, might be a bit young… BUT being young, meant he was eager, full of energy, and had his finger on the pulse of what was charting at that point in time.

He was extremely professional during all the meetings, engagements & the event itself.

His layout was neatly done well before the event, with cables neatly taped & secured. He was dressed professionally, and the gear provided was top notch.

Everything was perfect, from the sound at the ceremony, and the pre drinks, to the actual dancing & partying.

The LED up lights created a great ambiance.

My wife wanted to open the dance floor on a “cloud of smoke” and Xplode Entertainment’s dry ice machine did a fantastic job.

I wanted ‘n good mix of music, from Afrikaans sokkie, a bit of oldies, and to end the evening in one hell of a party.

I remember telling Jean that we wanted a party, and that the end of the evening it should look like Tomorrowland.

Bloody hell – what a party he created!!! At one point in time EVERY SINGLE PERSON was dancing, even my new grandpa was on his walker. The party never lost momentum, in fact it got better & better, and ended in an insane club vibe!

I have video footage of the last song – looking like Tomorrowland with all the lights & smoke. Jean and his fellow DJ were on their feet, jamming like crazy!

As the last song ended, my one friend threw his wallet on your mixing desk, asking him to keep on playing no matter the cost.

It was fantastic, perfect, insane!

I would recommend Xplode Entertainment to anyone!

Thanks a mil!

Dirk & Meriek